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Tigernuts SG: The Original Superfood


We are proud to be the first to introduce tigernuts and horchata de chufa to Singapore.



(they are tubers, not nuts!)

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Tigernuts will change the way you think about what makes a truly nutritious snack.

Tigernuts (cyperus esculentus) are tubers, or root vegetables, with the perfect nutritional balance — high in dietary fibre and packed with iron and magnesium. A study from the University of Oxford even found that our paleo ancestors who lived in East Africa some 2 million years ago survived mainly on a diet of tigernuts!​

Despite their name, tigernuts are completely nut-free. Our raw tubers are also organic, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO, as well as naturally sodium-free. Enjoy them as a superfood snack or soak overnight to unlock even more flavour.

Tigernuts are used to make horchata de chufa ("tigernut milk"), a refreshing, lactose-free summer beverage.


Tigernuts begin life as a humble tuber of the yellow nutsedge, planted in the ground like potatoes!

Native to the farming community of Alboraia in Valencia, Spain's third-largest city along the Mediterranean, high-quality tigernuts are also grown in parts of North Africa.

Our tigernuts are grown in the ground in March-April and harvested in November-December, then naturally sun dried. They are vacuum-packed in Valencia before we ship them to Singapore.

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*1kcal = 4.2kJ

Based on per serving of 125g (1 cup) for each glass of horchata de chufa.


Tigernuts are high in dietary fibre 
and packed with iron and magnesium.

"Financier District's Tigernuts aren't nuts at all. Instead, they are a kind of superfood tuber, which makes them a great alternative for those with nut allergies. This raw superfood snack is high in natural fibre, oleic acid, iron and magnesium."
Wine & Dine magazine (Singapore)

"The chufa is often spoken about as a superfood. The nutrient-rich tigernut helps with digestion, it protects the heart, it is an anti-oxidant, it stimulates the immune system, it works as an antacid, and it contains no lactose or gluten... It also plays a leading role in cholesterol control, as its high level of oleic acid is similar to olive oil."
El País newspaper (Spain)

"Tigernuts are popular in Spain, where they’re referred to as chufa and used to make horchata, a sweet plant-milk drink. You can also roast them and eat them like, well, nuts, and they’re rich in insoluble fibre, which benefits gut health and curbs blood sugar spikes."

Men's Health magazine (UK)

"... the theory — that 'Nutcracker Man' lived on large amounts of tigernuts — helps settle the debate about what our early human ancestor ate."

University of Oxford study


Once upon a time...

Legend has it that back in the 13th century, the Spanish Conquistador James I of Aragon visited Alboraia on a hot summer’s day. Presented with a refreshing glass of horchata by a little girl, the king took a sip and was intrigued.

“What drink is this?” he asked.

“It’s tigernut milk, sire,” the girl replied.

¡Açò no és llet, açò és or, xata!
(“This isn’t milk, this is gold, darling!”)

And that is how Orxata (horchata) got its name!

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